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United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch


OGE is headed by a Director who is appointed to a five-year term by the President. As noted in the organizational chart and staff directory, in addition to the Office of the Director, OGE is divided into four divisons, guided by senior leadership, that work in concert to carry out OGE's mission.

Senior Leadership
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Office of the Director
The Office of the Director provides overall direction to the executive branch ethics program and is responsible for ensuring that OGE fulfills its Congressional and Presidential mandates.
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General Counsel & Legal Policy Division
The General Counsel and Legal Policy Division (GCLPD) is responsible for (1) establishing and maintaining a legal framework for the executive branch ethics program, (2) providing assistance to the President and Senate in the Presidential appointment process; and (3) managing the incumbent public financial disclosure program.
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Program Counsel Division
The Program Counsel Division (PCD) is responsible for (1) coordinating and conducting outreach between OGE and its many stakeholders such as Congress, OMB, government watchdog groups, and the public; (2) developing and providing training to agency ethics officials; (3) carrying out initiatives that reach across executive branch agencies such as e-filing; (4) providing agency-specific legal support to OGE; (5) managing OGE’s budget, performance, and legislative affairs programs; and (6) supporting agency ethics officials, through its Desk Officer program, in carrying out the executive branch ethics program.
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Compliance Division

The Compliance Division (CD) is responsible for (1) monitoring and reviewing agency ethics programs to ensure compliance with applicable ethics requirements established by statutes, rules, regulations, and Executive Orders; (2) managing elements of the public financial disclosure program; and (3) supporting OGE’s administrative operations.
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Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division (ITD) is responsible for maintaining OGE’s information technology systems, equipment, and security, and creating and operating network applications.
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