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United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Program Management Resources

This section features resources that executive branch agencies can use to build transparent and efficient ethics programs that are compliant with the ethics rules and regulations. It also provides ways for agency ethics officials to connect with peers across the executive branch in order to facilitate sharing of lessons learned and model practices.

Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire
This section contains information related to the Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire.
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Agency Ethics Program Practices
This page identifies a variety of ethics program practices gathered from OGE program reviews, agency responses to past Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaires, and past OGE summits and conferences.
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Special Reports
This section features reports that analyze the information that executive branch agencies are required to provide to OGE.
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Ethics Community
This section contains information and resources to assist members of the ethics community in communicating with OGE and each other.
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