Guidance Documents Issued by the Office of Government Ethics

Guidance documents lack the force and effect of law, unless expressly authorized by statute or incorporated into a contract. However, to the extent that a guidance document provides an interpretation of the government ethics laws and regulations or concerns aspects of ethics program management, such provisions are controlling within the executive branch. OGE may not cite, use, or rely on any guidance document that is not posted here except to establish historical facts.

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Date Issued Citation Title Brief Description/Summary Date Posted
06/05/2020 G-20-02 Nominee Guide OGE developed this Guide as a resource for potential Senate-confirmed, Presidential nominees. It is organized to take a nominee through the life cycle of a person who will serve as a Senate-confirmed Presidential appointee (PAS official). It includes sections explaining what to expect during the nominee process, how to have an ethical start to Federal service, how to be a leader in ethics, and what to consider when planning to leave Federal service. The appendix contains detailed reference information, such as instructions for Integrity and financial disclosure checklists. 06/05/2020
02/28/2020 G-20-01 Integrity User Guide This guide provides instructions for using Integrity, the web-based system developed by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) for Filers and Reviewers of executive branch public financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 278e and OGE Form 278-T). 07/08/2020
12/03/2018 G-18-01 Public Financial Disclosure Guide (HTML) (PDF) The Public Financial Disclosure Guide is a tool to assist individuals who file or review public financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 278e or OGE Form 278-T). This revised version reflects the regulatory requirements that became effective January 1, 2019. 02/01/2019
08/08/2016 G-16-02 Presidential Transition Team Guide OGE developed this Guide as a resource for a Presidential Transition Team to prepare for the then-upcoming transition so that top leadership positions can be filled quickly and free from conflicts of interest. This guide explains the nominee ethics process, provides strategies for establishing a strong ethical culture in a new Presidential administration, and includes useful reference materials. 08/26/2016
05/04/2016 G-16-01 Nominee Ethics Guide and Appendix The Nominee Ethics Guide contains helpful guidance for prospective PAS nominees, including an introduction to the nominee process, guidance on financial disclosure, and an overview of key ethics rules and regulations. The Appendix contains detailed reference content, such as financial disclosure checklists, criteria for identifying excepted investment funds, and information on ongoing financial disclosure obligations. 08/26/2016