Freedom of Information (FOIA)

OGE responds to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, which is a law that gives the public the right to request Federal Government records.

Find a Released Document

OGE is making more information available online to better serve the public and taking affirmative steps to make information public without waiting for specific requests from the public. The Electronic Reading Room contains records that have been frequently requested under FOIA (Frequently Requested Records) and proactively disclosed records. The FOIA-Processed Records page contains records processed for release under the FOIA after January 1, 2017, with applicable exemptions. Requesters should first examine the contents of the Electronic Reading Room and the FOIA-Processed Records page before making a new FOIA request, as some records will be immediately available for download.

Electronic Records Room

Once a record is requested three times, it qualifies as a Frequently Requested Record and must be available to the public without a request. These records and proactively disclosed records can be found in the Electronic Records Room.

FOIA-Processed Records Repository

Records processed for release under the FOIA, with applicable exemptions, can be found in the FOIA-Processed Records Repository.

Make a FOIA Request

OGE understands that public access to government information is essential to building trust in government. OGE works to maintain an effective Freedom of Information Act program.

FOIA Request Procedure

Information on how to submit a FOIA request to OGE.

FOIA Contacts

OGE has designated certain persons to accept and respond to FOIA requests and FOIA appeals.


OGE's Guide to FOIA & Public Records describes the public information and official records of OGE.

FOIA Reports

Copies of OGE's annual FOIA reports (starting with calendar year 1996), Quarterly FOIA Reports (starting with calendar year 2013) and Chief FOIA Officer Reports (starting with calendar year 2010).