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The Ethics Community Will Not Be Deterred from Carrying Out Its Important Role in the Transfer of Power

January 19, 2021

The peaceful transfer of power is a legacy that has been passed down to Americans since our nation’s founding. For 245 years we have come together to ensure a peaceful and efficient transition between Presidential administrations. This legacy has served as a beacon and a model for free people the world over. 
On January 6th, some attempted to jeopardize that legacy. They did not succeed. 

Since 1978, the executive branch ethics program has served as a bridge between administrations. During Presidential transitions, the ethics community becomes more than just an instrument of good governance – by managing substantial potential ethics risks, ethics officials become integral partners in protecting our national security, our public health, and the continuation of government services upon which all citizens depend.  

The dedicated career professionals in the ethics community provide a thread of experience and certainty between administrations, and they will not be deterred from their important work. They have ensured, and will continue to ensure, that incoming government leaders resolve potential conflicts of interest quickly, so that they can fully exercise the powers of the offices they will hold. They will advise prospective leaders regarding the duties and obligations of public service. And, they will ensure that these new leaders understand the honor, privilege, and gravity of serving our nation, and will help them in their pursuit of our common duty: to serve the interests of our fellow citizens. 

The ethics community is resolute in our commitment to an efficient transfer of power, our commitment to good government, and our commitment to protect and defend the trust instilled in us by our fellow citizens.