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OGE and Agency Ethics Officials Train for Post-Election Readiness

June 22, 2016

The National Government Ethics Summit held this spring kicked off OGE’s efforts to ensure that the more than 4,500 ethics officials throughout the executive branch are prepared to help facilitate a smooth transition between Presidential administrations. 

Building on this effort, OGE has held seven additional distance learning events  garnering over 1,500 registrations.  OGE will continue supporting ethics officials in their preparation for the presidential transition through our Transition Readiness Series.  The Series will combine distance learning and classroom learning opportunities to prepare officials to:

  • review the public financial disclosure reports of incoming nominees,
  • advise those new employees about ethics requirements,
  • counsel outgoing employees on issues related to seeking and negotiating for employment outside of government,
  • educate new agency leadership on their role in supporting a strong ethical culture, and
  • implement strategies to manage the increased workload in the post-election period.

OGE is also in the process of seeking input from agencies about ways that it can support their ethics education needs in the months after the election.  I am confident that through building expertise and working together, OGE and executive branch agencies can help support an effective transition.