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Featured Speakers at the OGE National Government Ethics Summit: Joseph Gangloff, Patrick Kelley, Tim Mazur, and Emil Moschella

September 18, 2014

On September 19th, Joseph Gangloff, Patrick Kelley, Tim Mazur, and Emil Moschella will discuss the similarities between private and public sector ethics and compliance programs, as well as successful solutions to common challenges. The panel will also examine a specific government agency that integrated ethics responsibilities into a broader compliance program.

OGE invites you to watch this session at 2:30 pm EDT on September 19th. Watch Now

Mr. Gangloff is a Deputy Director at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, the agency that administers the executive branch ethics program. Mr. Gangloff has also served in senior-level positions in the U.S. Department of Justice where his responsibilities included the development, implementation, and analysis of domestic and international anti-corruption strategies. Mr. Gangloff's work has focused on public corruption, conflicts of interest, ethics, and good governance. His experience includes criminal and civil enforcement, international negotiations, policy development, and program management.

Mr. Kelley serves as the Chief Compliance Officer of the FBI's Office of Integrity and Compliance. Previously, he served for 21 years in the U.S. Navy as a member of the Judge Advocate General's Corps. In 1991, Mr. Kelley was promoted to the rank of Captain (0-6) and transferred to the Pentagon where he finished his naval career as the Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General for Administrative Law. After retiring from the Navy in 1994, Mr. Kelley joined the FBI Office of General Counsel (OGC) as an Attorney-Advisor in the Administrative Law Unit. He then led the General Law and Legal Training Branch as a Deputy General Counsel. He also served as the OGC Chief of Staff, the FBI Component Designated Agency Ethics Official, and Senior Privacy Officer.

Mr. Mazur is the Chief Operating Officer of the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association, a member organization serving ethics and compliance officers. Mr. Mazur is an ethicist with 23 years of experience managing ethics, compliance, and social responsibility issues in corporations, nonprofits, and other organizations. During his career, Mr. Mazur has taught in the M.B.A. programs at six universities; helped 44 clients variously evolve their laws-based compliance programs into more effective, values-based ethics and compliance programs; appeared as a business ethics commentator on national television, radio, and the internet, as well as in print, keynote speeches, and other media; served as an executive-in-residence at a U.S. business school; worked in the U.S. Congress; and served as an expert for judging the effectiveness of a corporate ethics program in a federal criminal case.

Mr. Moschella helped to establish the Rutgers Center for Government Compliance and Ethics and currently serves as a member of its Advisory Board. Mr. Moschella retired in 1996 from the Senior Executive Service position of Chief of the Legal Advice and Training Section of the FBI. Between 1997 and 2003, he was the Director of Corporate Compliance for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. He recently assisted the FBI in the implementation of its corporate styled compliance program  a first in the federal government. He has also published several articles on compliance issues.