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Public Service Recognition Week: A Message from OGE's Director

May 6, 2019

Public Service Recognition Week annually honors the dedicated public servants who serve their fellow citizens and our country as government employees.

During my confirmation hearing I described OGE’s staff as “the most dedicated, talented, and professional small agency staff in the Executive Branch,” a group of dedicated public servants too often under-appreciated but which “always performs above any reasonable expectations.”

In the months I have served as Director, I have found that these words barely capture the brilliance of OGE’s team – to my mind, and to all others I trust, OGE’s staff should be viewed as a national treasure in this environment of heightened front-page awareness as to ethical standards of conduct and the elevated importance of public integrity.  I am humbled by the opportunity to lead such a talented group of people, and I am daily impressed by and proud of their many and varied accomplishments – it is my hope that the public is similarly impressed.

It is certain that OGE’s staff will continue its efforts to prevent conflicts of interest in the Executive Branch – this is OGE’s unwavering mission, and for this I heartily congratulate and thank these public servants.  The challenge going forward is not wondering the dedication of OGE’s team.  The challenge is our support – as government leaders and the public – of this team and its public integrity mission and programs.  For this support of such dedicated public servants, I thank you!