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The Ethics Program, Transparency, and You

June 7, 2018

At the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) we oversee the executive branch ethics program designed to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure that the public’s business is conducted impartially. To succeed, we need your help.  We need you to stay engaged, to learn about our work, and to use information that we make available to hold your government accountable.

Through transparency, OGE provides you some tools to do just that. Specifically, we provide you with information about the overall ethics program, specific agency ethics programs, and our work here at OGE.   

Want to learn more about the overall ethics program in 2017? OGE just released the government-wide results of an extensive survey on a variety of components of each agency’s ethics program, including a new easy-to-read executive summary. We also issued a report on the results of an executive branch-wide data call on agency ethics waivers and authorizations in 2017.  You can view this and other special reports here. 

Interested in a particular agency’s ethics program? You can browse the full set of agencies’ individual responses to our annual survey here. Want an even more detailed look at an agency’s ethics program? Check out our program review reports on OGE’s website here.  You can also learn about whom, outside of the government, is funding official travel for government employees at specific agencies.  You can review these reports filed bi-annually with OGE here.    

Want to learn more about how OGE is held accountable? OGE posts all of the reports to Congress on its performance, correspondence answering congressional inquiries, and reports resulting from reviews of OGE or the ethics program by the Government Accountability Office, on its website. You can also find OGE’s responses to recent requests under the Freedom of Information Act here and discretionary releases of information here.

Transparency is essential to our government ethics program and to our system of government.  As a citizen it is your right to see this information and it is our privilege to bring it to you.  So, look around, review documents, follow us on social media, and help hold our government accountable.