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Governmentwide System of Records Notices

The Privacy Act requires that agencies publish a system of records notice (SORN) for each system of records maintained. A SORN describes what information is collected and maintained in the system, how the information is stored and used, and the procedures by which individuals can request access to, or correction of, information about them. A SORN includes the routine uses for which information from the system can be disclosed.

OGE maintains three Governmentwide systems covering financial disclosure and related records:

OGE/GOVT–1 (PDF) is a system of records containing public financial disclosure reports and other name-retrieved ethics program records. 

OGE/GOVT–2 (PDF) is a system of records containing confidential financial disclosure reports, including OGE Form 450 and agency supplemental or alternative confidential report forms.

OGE/GOVT–3 (PDF) is a Governmentwide system of records containing legal expense fund (LEF) trust documents, reports, and other name-retrieved records related to the implementation of 5 CFR part 2635 subpart J.

Note: Not all records maintained in OGE/GOVT-1, OGE/GOVT-2, and OGE/GOVT-3 are under the control of OGE.