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Internal System of Records Notices

OGE maintains several internal Privacy Act System of Records Notices (SORN), in addition to its Governmentwide SORN.

OGE INTERNAL-1 (Pay, Leave, Travel, and Reasonable Accommodation Records)

Combined OGE Internal SORNs, includes

  • OGE/INTERNAL-3 (Grievance Records)
  • OGE/INTERNAL-4 (Computer Systems Activity and Access Records)
  • OGE/INTERNAL-5 (Employee Locator and Emergency Notification Records)

OGE INTERNAL-6 (Registration and Administration Records for OGE-Hosted Meetings, Events, Educational and Training Programs, and Professional Development Offerings)

OGE INTERNAL-7 (Outreach and Contact Lists)

OGE INTERNAL-8 (Employee Personnel Files Not Covered by Other Notices)