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OGE Released the Waivers and Authorizations Collected Pursuant to its April 28, 2017, Data Call

June 7, 2017

Today, OGE released the waivers and authorizations collected from executive branch agencies pursuant to its April 28, 2017, data call. Consistent with the information policies applicable to these types of ethics documents, the documents within this collection are available through different mechanisms. For a detailed discussion of our approach to the release of these documents, click here to see my June 2, 2017, Director’s Note.  Here’s how to access the documents:

1.    OGE has posted the results of its data call on this website. To view a summary of agency responses and instructions for accessing the documents, click here.

2.    The White House previously released waivers and authorizations issued to appointees serving in the “White House Office.” (The White House Office is one of several components within the Executive Office of the President.) To view these documents on the White House’s website, click here.

3.    OGE released the waivers issued under 18 U.S.C. § 208(b)(1) individually to requestors upon receipt of an OGE Form 201. To receive copies of these waivers, send a completed OGE Form 201 (use the PDF version) to

4.    OGE released waivers that were issued under Executive Order 13490 on a separate page on OGE’s website. To view these waivers, click here. (Note that, in response to OGE’s April 28, 2017, data call, the Department of State and the Department of Justice sent OGE four waivers for three individuals that they had not previously sent to OGE. We have added these four newly acquired waivers to the list and identified them with asterisks.)

5.    OGE released the remaining waivers and authorizations individually to requestors under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). OGE received several FOIA requests for these documents, which triggered a mandatory requirement for OGE to post responsive records in OGE’s Electronic Reading Room. As a result, you can view these documents on OGE’s website without filing a FOIA request. To view these documents, click here.