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OGE’s Equity Action Plan – Equitable Access to Ethics Records

November 29, 2022

One of OGE’s goals in its Equity Action Plan is to improve equitable access to ethics records available under the Ethics in Government Act. The release of ethics documents is one of the only direct touchpoints OGE has with the public. Toward this goal, OGE:

  • simplified the language of the hyperlink to make requesting an ethics document within the Officials’ Individual Disclosures Search Collection more clear;
  • made it easier to access the very most senior government officials  documents by making them immediately available for download in all places they appear;
  • began to use “Request an Individual’s Ethics Document” in place of “ OGE Form 201”; and
  • applied the U.S. Web Design to improve the look and feel of the request page and re-wrote the instructions and related communications in plain language.

As a final step, OGE will look into translating the online request form into multiple languages.